Why Leadership and Language Training Must Go Hand-in-Hand

Written by Helena Kresin, Eszett Business Language Services Corporate leaders are often assumed to be authoritarian individuals; the story goes that having risen through the ranks via adversarial tactics, it will come as no surprise when they enforce employee productivity through singular use of authority, or make final decisions with minimal consideration of employee well-being. […]

Why you need to create intraprenuers not employees

Intrapreneurs are completely different from employees. They have a different mindset and they bring you dramatically better results than employees. An “employee” is someone who wants to be managed. They want you to tell them what to do. Think about how much time you could save if you had employees that thought for themselves? Being […]

8 Common traits of the worlds most successful people – it takes 8 to be great

  Whilst each persons path to success is different, the world’s most successful people share some distinct common traits. In his book, “The 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common,” author Richard St. John conducted intensive interviews with more than 500 highly successful people, from Bill Gates to Martha Stewart and collated the data to see […]

5 highly effective ways to get more clients

  Keeping and retaining clients is one of the most difficult and stress-inducing tasks for a new or expanding business. Here are 5 highly effective ways to get more clients 1.Actively participate in social events You need to be there and you need to be visible. Networking is about building trust, showing your personality (in a […]

One simple trick to boosting your memory

  Can you remember what happened 3 days ago? It’s difficult for us to pin down the value of our working days, when we are so busy. However, each day matters and to think we could forget what we achieved, on any day, is a crying shame. To avoid this mishap, try this very simple […]

The secret to getting what you want at work

  Even if you’re not running a business, you need things from other people in order to succeed. Asking for help is extremely difficult for many, typically the higher your responsibilities the more cautious you are to ask. Why? Perhaps you suppose it makes you look incompetent but this unfounded belief is stopping you from […]

The psychology of charisma – what charismatic people have in common

  Charisma is the ability to attract, charm, and influence the people around you. There are people who radiate such inexplicable magnetism that absolutely everyone reaches to them. They wish to be like them, to win their friendship or approval. So, it’s unsurprising that psychologists have studied charismatic people and complied a list of their most common  characteristics; 1.Confidence Confidence […]

Without persuasion there is no success

Why are market leaders, market leaders? There is fierce competition everywhere but what makes Apple stand out from all other tech companies or Nike dominate all sportswear? The subtle but defining difference is persuasion. The aforementioned companies didn’t think of anything different, they have competitors with similar great quality products, however, they have continually persuaded […]

How to always maximise your energy and reach “performance plus”

  Even though business champions are not afraid of sleeplessness, overtime and burnout in order to reach their goals, this mindset can certainly lead to failure. What if instead of burning the midnight oil, we could maximise our energy, so all of our tasks are completed at a reasonable hour? This sounds impossible but in fact […]

5 ways to embrace leadership

  Management expert and author Tom Peters has defined leadership as an ability to make people better – the ability to push people beyond their imaginations and outside of their visions of themselves. Imagine if you could inspire others and yourself everyday to be better? Imagine if instead of waiting for guidance you paved the […]