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Our global partner in increasing workplace diversity

Welcome to PCA, Diversely’s exclusive learning partner. We are an award-winning global specialist in highly immersive and experiential learning for leaders across levels, sectors and geographies, supporting 150 global brands in over 45 countries.

We focus on diversity, inclusion and equality, leadership and culture across a range of diversity dimensions including race, gender and sexual orientation. You may recognise us from the ‘Just In Time’ training modules on the Diversely platform. If you have reached us here, we’re delighted that you’re exploring taking the next step in developing your DEI learning offering.

We would be delighted to have an initial conversation with you to discuss your DEI learning needs.
Simply register below for your free 45 min discovery call and one of our Relationship
Managers will be in touch to find a convenient time to speak.

Some of the reasons clients ask us to support them:

  • Differing levels of leadership maturity around the topic of DEI
  • Need for greater ownership and accountability for driving DEI agenda at senior leadership level
  • Desire to identify and address cultural issues which would reinforce and promote DEI policy and process

Example desired outcomes that we help our clients to achieve:

  • Create a shared understanding and common language around DEI with executive teams or senior leadership level
  • Deliver contextualised learning experiences which provide the opportunity for leaders to explore different approaches to ‘the moments that matter’ and to fill their ‘missing scripts’
  • Create a safe space with high psychological safety to engage with issues confidently and empower leaders to own the DEI agenda and become multipliers of diversity
  • We design in-person, blended and virtual learning journeys designed to fit your budget and desired outcomes. Key to every experience is human-centred design which promotes connection, capability and confidence.