Reconnecting teams

Human connection is at the heart of creating motivated, productive, and high-performing teams. In the post-pandemic landscape developing and retaining high performing, teams has never been tougher. 

PCA’s ‘Reconnecting Teams’ workshop will kickstart your teams to build trust, identity, and relationships

About PCA


We bring learning to life via experiences that facilitate human-centred connections. Our Reconnecting Teams workshop is ideal for you if you need to re-energise, re-engage and connect your people.


1/2 day in-person workshop facilitated by one of PCAs expert faculty


• Teams reconnecting and recalibrating post pandemic
• Newly formed teams
• Teams in need of greater connection

Learning outcomes

1. Build trust, cohesion and resilience
2. Form deeper relationships
3. Learn techniques to reconnect, re-energise and foster your team culture

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