PCA, in collaboration with the Olivier Award Winning Showstoppers, delivered a world’s first learning and development live-hybrid event in July.
….and you can watch it here, in full, for free, until August 10th.
A live streamed improvised musical, all performed in a fully socially distanced environment, complete with a facilitated de-brief and Q&A, and all delivered in just 60 minutes.

As with PCA’s pre-Covid Showstopper product, immediately before the performance we ask the invited audience to share their thoughts around what could be learned from watching a high performing team:

  • lead in uncertainty
  • make decisions under pressure
  • collaborate within remote working conditions
  • communicate with limited human proximity
  • innovate at pace for a positive outcome

After the performance we then facilitate a discussion with the audience to identify what their organisation can take away and apply when it comes to:

  • human centred leadership
  • decision-making in a crisis
  • agility and resilience
  • adapting quickly to new ways of working
  • innovation and risk-taking
  • understanding your clients’ new needs
  • building a culture of productive failure and trust
…all in the context of the next normal.
Please contact Joe Fredericks or Andrew Speer to talk to us about how we can co-create a custom built solution for you, using