“Capacity, capability and resources to design, deliver and orchestrate a large, complex and international programme, with very little upfront lead time”

Senior Director, Global Launch Lead, Pharmaceutical

High impact, relevant and contextualised

PCA solutions are crafted to intricately weave in elements of experiential learning, human-centred design, and practical application. We deploy discovery tools that allow you to identify your challenges from the inside out. Using this knowledge we are able to implement specialist content that drives leaders to better themselves, their people, and their business potential.

PCA’s experiential design drives the advancement of confidence and capability and our purpose-driven products are designed for leaders of all levels. We believe everyone should experience the impact of human-centred change.

Human Centred Design
Triangle - WHY


We work to proactively identify challenges from the inside out. Getting under the skin of an organisation’s inner workings allows us to research and pinpoint strategic priorities through the eyes of those who are most closely impacted. Placing a human-centred approach on discovery and design, the end result is an inclusive and transparent process with the highest possible ‘buy in’ to the eventual solution. In finding human-centred solutions, we create a common language and devise a shared approach to your rejuvenated leadership strategy.

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‘What got you here, won’t get you there.’ And in our experience, that is exactly right. Each level of leadership requires a very different set of capabilities to the next.

Human-centred Leadership defines Leadership as: “that moment of personal ownership we can all choose to take when making decisions.” It requires us all to be Leaders, regardless of seniority, job title, or organisational responsibility.

Capability 24™ supports leaders at every level to develop the unique knowledge, behaviours, and mindsets they need to ensure that they, and those they lead, thrive.

From graduate to C-Suite, we offer a series of highly experiential and contextualised Leadership development programmes, designed to target the core capabilities of the Leadership Equation™ for each level of leader. We have also included an Enterprise level programme and a set of ‘ready to go’ modules designed to target those Heart of the Matter topics which need a consistent and compelling narrative across the entire organisation.

All of our offerings can be delivered through in-person, hybrid, or virtual engagements. To find out more about our Experiential Approach, click here.

Graduate Leaders

Our Graduate Leadership programme lays the foundation for future Human-centred leaders. At this level, we establish the principles of Leadership that underpin successful careers by focusing on shaping your professional identity, building brand and profile, and making real impact as an individual contributor. Arguably some of your most important assets, Graduate Leaders have the potential to define your future by helping your organisation adapt, evolve, and stay ahead of the curve.

First-Time Leaders

Often promoted on their technical capability, first-time leaders face the challenge of acquiring people management skills overnight. Priorities shift from personal accountability and ownership to building and managing effective teams. We work with these Leaders to empower their teams from the moment they step into that first Leadership role, creating a Leadership shadow they can be proud of. Ensuring this group immediately develop the right Leadership behaviours will generate some of your greatest ROI as they continue their journey through the organisation.

Mid-Level Leaders

The sticky middle or the engine room of the organisation? Mid-Level leaders are in a unique position to lead from the centre if they are prepared to both perform - by getting their KPIs over the line - and transform, by looking to solve the issues of the future. We support Mid-Level leaders in leveraging their position within the organisation by equipping them with the skills to manage both up and down the chain of command. Also known as Emerging Leaders, this level of Leadership demands coaching for performance, owning the difficult decisions, and mobilising your people to get the job done. They have the potential to be the ultimate multipliers.

Senior Leaders

Leaders of leaders face increasing tensions between their role as architect and translator. They deal in managing urgent, short-term goals, as well as longer-term visions and aspirations. Our job is to support senior leaders in ‘getting off the dancefloor and onto the balcony’. This programme focuses on their role as the trusted advisor by increasing executive presence, refocussing above the line leadership, and honing strategic decision-making capability.

Executive Leaders

Executives are the strategic heartbeat that sets the direction, pace and energy of transformation. They are also the face of the organisation and must become true role models for your mission, purpose and values. At this level, unlearning the behaviours which restrict creativity, reinvention and innovation in Executive Leadership positions is often more important than learning new ones. As is empowering others to do the same.

Enterprise Leaders

Everyone in the organisation will play a level of Leadership in the ‘Game-changer’ topics which can make or break an organisation. We have designed a series of modules for the Enterprise across TQ, EQ, DQ, MQ. These modules provide a consistent narrative and experience in order to create a shared level of understanding for all around the ‘Multiplier’ topics, which in turn, promotes cultural alignment and builds momentum at scale.

Strategic Ownership
Mental Health
Inclusion & Diversity
Innovation & Agility
Leading through Crisis
Creative Leadership
Inclusive Leadership
X-Shaped Leadership
Executive Personal Impact
Emotional Intelligence
Above The Line Leadership
Becoming The Trusted Advisor
Decision Making in Uncertainty
Difficult Conversations
Human-centred Leadership
Communication & Influencing
Coaching Skills
Outcome-based Feedback
Your Leader Shadow
Delegation Skills
Graduate Leaders
Presentation Skills
Resilience: Growth Mindset
Unconscious Bias
Internal Networking Skills
Triangle - HOW


We have always believed in the power of experiential learning as a means of developing confidence and capabilities and realising sustainable change.

We offer a variety of experiential methods that bring your learning journeys and events to life by providing your leaders with an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe place.

All of our methods, ranging from conversation-focused workshop techniques through to high-impact, visceral and immersive theatre-based productions, are contextualised in today’s fast-changing environment and are focused on ‘so what’ business outcomes.