The Five Questions

  1. WHY has the Coronavirus landscape been particularly challenging for you?
  2. WHAT top tip(s) would you give people to overcome the challenge?
  3. HOW have you been inspired by the experience?
  4. SO WHAT will you now do differently as a result?
  5. NOW WHAT will be the first thing you do when this is all over?

The Challenge

People who accept the challenge have to answer 5 WhyWhatHow questions around their experience of the Coronavirus landscape.

They must take no longer than 3 minutes, but no less than 2 minutes – so a 60 second window – and they’re not allowed to use a timer!

By accepting the challenge they agree to donate £5 / $7 to the WHO Covid 19 Solidarity Response Fund.

If they fail the challenge that donation doubles to £10 / $14.

Once they finish the challenge they must nominate one other person to take that challenge.

When you are nominated, you can either be interviewed by the person who nominated you, or just ask a friend/family member to hold up your phone camera, ask you the 5 questions, and time you!

Then upload your video to Facebook / LinkedInTwitter / Instagram using the #WhyWhatHowChallenge hashtag and make your donation at www.covid19responsefund.org

In the upload, please also hashtag your country.

Why are we doing this?

  1. To help people feel less isolated when it comes to dealing with the personal challenges that Covid 19 has created for everybody
  2. To help people reframe the Covid 19 experience into something more positive and future looking
  3. To raise much needed money for the WHO Covid 19 Solidarity Response Fund

PCA has now set itself the global challenge of seeing how many countries we can get taking part in the challenge. The target is to get at least 100 countries out of the 195 countries worldwide. And we will match the first 100 donations.

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For a long time PCA has been using the Why What How framework with clients when designing the human-centred learning experiences that we build with them.

The framework asks some very simple questions to help PCA and the client understand what the best learning solution might be and to be really clear on what the So What and Now What is when it comes to the impact that the client needs the learning experience to have for the individual learners and the organisation.

It seemed like a natural framework for us to also help individuals apply to the Covid 19 challenge and that’s where the idea sprung from.

PCA Global Challenge Comms

Please email PCA when you have completed the challenge to let us know what country you’re from so we can keep track of how we’re doing with our global challenge! You might be the first from your country and we want to hear about you so we can repost your video as the first from the country – we will then create the WhyWhatHow Century Club featuring the first videos from each country