Leading your way into the next normal.

A Podcast with Adam Pacifico

Leading your way into the next normal. PCA’s Chief Learning Officer, author, opinion columnist and barrister, Adam Pacifico is joined by the good the great and the utterly provocative as they explore ‘The Leadership Enigma’.

As the world constantly changes, then today is a simple as it gets! It’s your leadership that will make the difference for your business, your people and your success.

Each week Adam Pacifico, leadership expert, author, opinion columnist and barrister will be joined by world leading experts across sectors, disciplines and geographies as we push, prod and provoke The Leadership Enigma. Discover the tools, techniques, strategies and lessons learned to catapult your leadership capabilities in preparation for the new normal

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner or seasoned corporate executive, this show is for you as we collectively uncover the good, the bad and the downright unbelievable when leading in an ever-changing world.

About Adam Pacifico

Adam Pacifico is our insatiably curious Chief Learning Officer at PCA, barrister, author and opinion columnist who has spent a decade delivering experiential learning to over 40,000 people nationally and internationally. Adam co-authored ‘The Leader’s Secret Code’ and is an opinion columnist for CEO World.  He brings his experience of prosecuting and defending in the criminal courts and also having spent six years as a frontline police officer with the Metropolitan Police, three years with the Divisional Crime Squad. Adam combines his experience, research and innate curiosity as he talks global experts, academics, rising stars, ambitious upstarts and disruptors as regards uncovering ‘The Leadership Enigma’ and how we are all still exploring the next normal. His exam question is simple. How can we maximise our potential to create success for our organisations our people and ourselves?

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